Below you will find details of past events that June had been involved in.


September 9th Keynote at Newman College on Music and wellbeing. Contact Stephen Clift

September 22-24th Launch of book on Hymns for Healing. Contact

Oct 14th Keynote for Alister Hardy members day in Oxford – Religionful and religionless spirituality and music

November 3rd Performance of Mary of Magdala – a tangled truth at the Abbey retreat house, Glastonbury for Interfaith vision retreat

November 10th, The Spirituality of John Tavener – seen through the lens of William Blake’s fourfold vision Keynote for the Tavener Centre for Music and Spirituality study day King Alfred Campus university of Winchester.

November 12th, RESHAPING MUSIC EDUCATION- redrawing the linesPaper in Celebration, Commemoration and Collaboration – Milestones in the History of Education Conference, The Winchester Hotel.

November 24th, 7pm, The Point, Eastleigh. Panel presentation on Birth,following a performance,

December 9-10thParadox, uncertainty and mystery in music education.Paper for Exploring the spiritual in music – Interdisciplinary dialogues in music, wellbeing and education The 4th international spirituality and music education (SAME) conference Nordoff Robbins centre. Including the launch of the edited book Spirituality and Music Education: Perspectives from Three Continents (Peter Lang)


January 6th   Music, silence and contemplation. Paper at the 2018 Epiphany Conference on Philosophy, Science, and Contemplative Religion, Balliol College in association with the Cambridge Epiphany Philosophers.

January 12th, A Bio mechanical universe -the significance of music in education Keynote for Music Education in Birmingham –

January 17th, 7pm Seminar on Religion and Religionless spirituality. Independent Theological Partnership King Alfred campus, Winchester University.

January 27th, Peace walk and hymns for peace in Day for Peace, King Alfred Campus, Winchester University.

February 11th, Community choir festival, Guildhall Winchester. Performance and talk on singing and wellbeing.

February 23rd-25th, Research project at 30th Anniversary Cathedral Group Choirs Festival, Newman University, Birmingham Choirs festival

March 1stInterdisciplinary research. 12 midday West Downs Campus.

April 6 – 9, Paper at Oxford Monastic Institute, Easter Convivia, Balliol College, Oxford.

April 18thSilence, sound and the spiritual experience. Keynote for the Churches Fellowship for Psychical and Spiritual studies and Alister Hardy Society Day ‘Meditation, Stillness and Spiritual Experience’ Oxford Quaker Meeting House, Quaker Meeting in Oxford.

May 12th Sacred Music in a postsecular world – religion, music and wellbeing.Keynote for Friends of Cathedral Music, Chichester Cathedral.

May 17 – 19, Music, Spirituality, Forgiveness, Reconciliation and Celebration and Singing, spirituality and the recovery movementProposed Papers at Fifth International Conference of the British Association for the Study of Spirituality and European Conference on Religion, Spirituality and Health, Coventry University, Coventry, England, UK.

July 8 – 13, Playing Mummies and Daddies: Music education, gender and the young childProposed Paper at ISME Early Childhood Music Education Commission Pre-Conference SeminarShefa’Amr, Israel

July 15 – 20, Sex, Sexuality, Gender and Music EducationProposed paper International Society for Music Education, Baku, Azerbaijan

August, South African Society for Research in Musicology, Durban, South Africa