(a selection)

June Boyce Tillman

Choir & Orchestra Compositions

The Great Turning (2014)

A 45 minute performance with ecological themes.

The Myth of the Titanic (2012)

A 60 minute performance concerning the Titanic.

In a Golden Coach (2012)

A 45 minute performance composed for the Queen’s Jubilee.

Weaving Wisdom’s Way (2011)

A 90 minute composition based on the story of St. Ethelfleda.

Enfolded in Love (2010)

A 90 minute composition based on the life of Julian of Norwich.

Step into the Picture: Life of Jesus (2008)

A 90 minute performance featuring children’s choirs & orchestras.

A Greening Branch (2002)

A 40 minute composition based on Hildegard.

Between (2002)

An interfaith dialogue lasting 40 minutes, featuring four choirs & string quintet.

The Call of the Ancestors (1998)

A 20 minute performance for choirs and improvising groups and brass instruments.

The Healing of the Earth (1997)

A 90 minute improvising performance with 4 instruments, groups and choirs.

Standard Compositions

The Wessex Suite (1999 & 2010)

A 15 minute composition featuring a brass quintet.

Lullaby for the World (2000)

A 10 minute recorder and piano (or solo recorder) performance.

Lifegiving Music (1999)

A 4 minute violin and cello performance.

The Beautiful Perfumes of Goodness (1998)

An 8 minute performance featuring flute, alto flute, clarinet, cello.

Weaving a Fragrance (1998)

A 5 minute performance featuring oboe or clarinet.

Strengthening Love (1998)

A 6 minute piano performance.

Greening Force (1998)

A 5 minute organ performance.

Exiles (1996)

A 2 hour music theatre piece on Julian & Hildegard featuring a small orchestra, soloists, folk guitarist, chorus, children’s chorus & audience participation.

Hildegard of Bingen – A Life Apart (1996)
A 45 minute music theatre piece for soprano and piano.

Postcards (1996)

A 15 minute performance featuring clarinet and piano.

Healing (1996)

A 10 minute piece for soprano & double bass, using Celtic & Babylonian texts & a Hildegard antiphon.

Anointing the Wounds (1996)

A 10 minute piece for solo piano based on Hildegard antiphon.